Pavel Punčochář: Ministerstvo zemědělství, Sekce vodního hospodářství, Těšnov 17, CZ-110 00 Praha 1 a Katedra vodních zdrojů, FAPPZ, ČZU Kamýcká ul., CZ-160 00 Praha 6,

Abstract: Water mites represent a little-known group of aquatic organisms to the public. The following article provides some information about their life cycle, and on the history of their research in the Czech Republic, and presents data on the composition of water mite fauna in seven ponds in 2020 in comparison with the findings published by the Czech zoologist Karl Thon from the same ponds in 1900. The comparison shows that the diversity of the water mite fauna has not decreased although there has been a change in species composition. This is a positive finding compared to the decline in biodiversity of invertebrate terrestrial fauna over the past decades. The results contribute to the knowledge of aquatic biocenoses of investigated ponds over the period more than 100 years . The data indicate the stability of the fish pond biocenoses, because the complicated life cycle of water mites, which depends on the presence of hosts of their larvae, reflects to some extent the overall state of aquatic biocenoses.

Key words: Acari, Hydrachnidia, occurrence in fishponds, historical comparison, Czech Republic

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