Pavel Bezděčka, Klára Bezděčková: Muzeum Vysočiny Jihlava, Masarykovo náměstí 55, CZ-586 01 Jihlava; e-mail:;

Abstract: The myrmecophilous ectoparasitic fungus Rickia wasmannii Cavara, 1899 (Ascomycota: Laboulbeniales) was for the first time reported for the Czech Republic from a total of three locations in southern Moravia and eastern Bohemia in 2010. The fungus was observed on ant workers belonging to the species Myrmica scabrinodis Nylander, 1846 and Myrmica curvithorax Bondroit, 1920. Here we summarize 11 additional finds of R. wasmannii from various sites in the Czech Republic. We observed infestation not only in workers, but also in dealate queens of M. scabrinodis. The host range in the Czech Republic has been expanded to three ant species by recording the fungus also on Myrmica sabuleti Meinert, 1861.

Key words: Laboulbeniales, Rickia wasmannii, fungal parasite, parasitism, ants, Hymenoptera, Formici­dae

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