Jan Šťastný: Výzkumný ústav vodohospodářský T.G.Masaryka, v.v.i., Podbabská 2582/30, CZ-160 00 Praha 6; Katedra botaniky PřF UK, Benátská 2, CZ-128 01 Praha 2; e-mail: stastny.jan@centrum.cz

Abstract: In 2021, an ichthyological survey of the middle section of the Bobrůvka stream was carried out under the project “Verification of the Current Occurrence of Minnows (Phoxinus phoxinus) in the Vysočina Region, with updated proposals for protective measures at particular localities in the Regional Action Plan”, initiated by the Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic. A total of 13 fish species were recorded at eight localities, three of which are protected and one non-native to the Czech Republic. The dominant species were chub (Squalius cephalus), gudgeon (Gobio gobio) and spirlin (Alburnoides bipunctatus). The entire middle section of the Bobrůvka provides a suitable environment for the existence and development of a type-specific fish community dominated by rheophilic species. This survey provides a highly necessary update on the state of the fish fauna in the Bobrůvka stream.

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