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Abstract: We present the results of surveys of the ant fauna of a former military training ground near the town of Jemnice. This site is important mainly for the presence of a supercolony of a rare ant species, Formica foreli, in its northern part. The former training area has disintegrated into smaller plots owned by various entities and has been managed in different ways after the army abandoned it. It is characterized by a diversity of habitats and presence of many successional stages, from strongly disturbed sites to dense grasslands and high forest.
We found a total of 17 ant species belonging to subfamilies Myrmicinae and Formicinae in the study area. More than one third of them (six Formica species) are protected species in the Endangered category under the Czech legislation and one of them, F. foreli, is also included in the national Red List of invertebrates as a Critically Endangered Species.

F. foreliis undoubtedly the most important species at the studied site. Its supercolony appeared to be in a stabilized stage, comprising about 160 nests, during the whole period of our surveys in 2010–2019. The plot with the supercolony was registered as Important Landscape Element in 2018. Besides F. foreli, relatively common ant species were recorded at the locality. The core of the ant assemblage was formed by eurytopic species Myrmica rubra and Lasius flavus and polytopic species of open habitats Lasius niger and Formica cunicularia.

Key words: Hymenoptera, Formicidae, Formica foreli, Czech Republic, Jemnice, abandoned military area

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